Hiram Abiff in Freemasonry

I have a video for you today on Freemasonry and why it should be exposed to Christians. Freemason exposed Do you know the person who is honored as a Freemason? He is above Jesus Christ supposedly and his name is Hiram Abiff. He might speak for himself right now.

My name is Hiram Abiff and the first thing you should know about me is that I’m allergic to the razor. If you join Freemasonry you have to have me higher than Jesus Christ. You have to swear allegiance to me. Then I’ll show you all kinds of strange oath’s that will make you whiter than a sheet or my beard. I make Fu Manchew look like a choir boy. You’ll have to look up to me and my beard. I also don’t like barbers. Again my name is Hiram Abiff.

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