God Does Not Want us to Have Fellowship with Demons

isa-14IMG_20180217_102923 This is an example of a familiar spirit entering a host body. This is forbidden in the Bible under a death penalty. It is having fellowship with demons to the extreme. Psychics use this phenomena to trick people. JZ Knight with her familiar spirit Ramptha is questionable as former staffers have heard her practice her familiar spirit using her own voice in a different manner. Intercourse with demons causes major trouble so why open Pandora’s Box in the first place? Then there’s the practice with a crystal ball.crystal_ball A former employer of mine once showed me her crystal ball. I appeared confused at first as I examined the crystal ball. I asked them where do you put your fingers? They appeared angry stating that it was not a bowling ball but a crystal ball. She then gave me a demonstration which was at best dismal. Crystal balls are also having intercourse with demons. Lastly, child sacrifice was considered demonic. Today it is known as abortion. The Bible says that child sacrifice was an abomination. We should be listening to the Bible much more.IMG_20180217_083843

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