How do Spiritual Leaders Con us so Easily?

apostasy3When spiritual leaders have seducing spirits overtake them producing a doctrine of demons, why does the faithful put up with it? They keep trying to top each other with one absurdity after another. Where is the discernment of those sitting in the pew? The answer is obvious as they have none. The reason why is that their Shepherds don’t feed them biblical nourishment. Instead they feed them poison from their own perverted theology.hqdefaultsd for a large time about a year ago Rabbi Jonathan Cahn was conning the world about this and he had company. John Hagee and Jim Bakker were promoting much the same thing. Yet nothing major happened. So they had to look for some minor thing and make it look major to save face. Remember their prophecy success story is less than 20% accuracy. To me, if my spiritual leaders were wrong that often I’d be looking for another church. What about you?

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