The Roman Catholic System Part Three

The catechism of the Roman Catholic Church is a Man based document. What did Jesus have to say about that? In vain they worship teaching as doctrines the Commandments of men. Throughout his career Dr. Jack Van Impe has run hot and cold with the Roman Catholic Church. At one time he praised the catechism as almost being equal with scripture. The walking Bible doesn’t seem to know Matthew 15:9. Now in retirement, due to health, Van Impe will no longer be supporting Catholicism at least on air.

In Matthew 23 Jesus tells us to call no spiritual leader father for one is your father in Heaven. Yet the Roman Catholic system calls priests father again against the teachings of the Lord. How can you be going against Jesus Christ and calling yourself Christian? The Roman Catholic system betrays itself as a cult pure and simple. They accept the Apocrypha as Canon largely because it mentions purgatory which they believe in. What about their worship to Mary? They make her a co- Redeemer with Christ. The Bible says there is one mediator between God and man, the man Christ Jesus. So many times the Roman Catholic system is at odds with the Holy Bible. How can they not be considered a cult?

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