8 thoughts on “Catholic Catastrophes”

  1. Pope Francis NEVER said..”The koran and the Holy Bible are the same.” YOU wrote those words and put quotation marks around them! That is called..bearing false witness. And claiming that The Catholic Church “killed 50 million Saints” is YOU sowing division. The Catholic Church NEVER killed 50 million Saints! And..Babylon is the biblical word for the Roman Empire..NOT the Roman Catholic Church! They were NOT the same thing! In fact the Roman Empire persecuted the Roman Catholic Church. EVERY Pope for the first 300 years of the Church, starting with Peter, were killed by the Roman Empire..most of them for refusing to renounce Christ and offer worship to the Roman Emperor.

    Believe all of the Anti Catholic stereotypes written by, guess who, anti Catholics..and you will hate the Catholic Church. Go to the Catholic Church and learn the REAL history and the REAL teachings of the Catholic Church..and you will love her! She is the Bride of Christ! Put down the hate tracts and come to the Catholic Church to see for yourself. “The Spirit and the Bride say “Come.” (Rev.22:17)


      1. Prove it. Provide for us a source that we can check of your so-called quote of Pope Francis saying “The koran and the holy Bible are the same.” We are waiting…


      2. I agree. You don’t know what is. The ancient practice of kissing a ring was never intended as an act of worship but as an act of respect for authority.


      1. No. It is like saying stop parroting anti-Catholic stereotypes about the Catholic Faith. Go to the Catholic Church to learn, instead, the REAL teachings of Catholicism. – “There are perhaps a hundred people in America who hate what the Catholic Church teaches. But there are perhaps a million people in America who hate what they mistakenly think the Catholic Church teaches.” – Bishop Sheen


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