Are Altar Calls Biblical?- 1

Who can forget the Billy Graham Crusades? At the end of each one an alter call was given and in the background the song, just as I am, was being sung. Did people go to the altar through emotionalism or was God drawing them? Or was Billy Graham drawing them with George Beverly Shea’s singing? I think largely it was because of Billy Graham and emotionalism. Do you know that many people go to the altar many more times than once? They do so to be seen by men. Matthew 6:5-6 tells us not to be like the hypocrites for they pray in the synagogues to be seen by men. I was drawn to God on our Family Farm in the forest while I was building a fire. I fell to my knees and accepting God into my heart and Jesus Christ into my life. Even though it was a hot day I felt a cool blue Breeze flow through me. The color was in my mind and I believe this was the Holy Spirit. I did not need to go up before a congregation and kneel at the altar. In fact when I’ve been to churches with an altar call I feel uncomfortable because most pastors continue to press you to get you to come forward. God does the drawing not your pastor. In truth, altar calls are after the tradition of man. I will continue this discussion in part 2.

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