Why are Cults so Dangerous?

IMG_20180102_131646424b79230215d174f502babdd28bc6ea23643Wait a minute! These guys are’nt cults! YES THEY ARE! The Pentecostal faith believe in something called Acts 29. The truth is there is no Acts 29. They label that as extra biblical revelation. You say, the Lord says, when I have not spoken- Ezekiel 13:6. So, when Pentecostals claim something In The Name Of The Lord that is not found in Scripture, they are lying in the lord’s name. That Marks them out as a cult. How about an example? Pentecostal pastors love to speak in tongues. They usually speak gibberish. And often they do so without an interpretation. What 1st Corinthians 14 says is tongues are not to be spoken unless there is an interpretation. But most Pentecostal pastors don’t care what the Bible says as long as it is effective in their service they do it. I have personally heard an Oinking anointing at a Pentecostal Church. By the way, that is never found in Scripture. Yet, after the initial oink, a whole bunch of ladies Echoed that. And the assembly applauded loudly. Again, no scriptural backing for this apostasy. Pentecostal pastors claim that they can do this anyway even if scripture does not support them. As such, they are a cult because they go beyond scripture. So why do people continue to support them? Because the majority of Pentecostal congregants do not know the word of God themselves and they rely on their leaders to teach them the truth.13151259_231440670562026_1344487cults-101default-14-638

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