The 12 Spies- Part One

Well we’re finally getting a little recognition. We’re not the right spies for the story.

Have you heard the story about the 12 Spies in Numbers 13 and 14? This is a great Bible story of what really happened. But first I would like to ask you a question. How is your spiritual vision? How about a quick eye test?

I find this to be true with Cults who have tunnel vision in regard to scripture. Groups like The Independent Bible students, the Hebrew Roots movement, Christadelphians, and even the Restored Church of God.

I’m going to be taking a scriptural look at the account from Numbers 13 and 14.

Two of the spies had a great report of the land that being Joshua and Caleb. They spoke about the advantages of the land. They gave evidence by the way of the fruit of the land. The two spies give a great report. But what about the other 10? I will pick that up in part 2.

Is it our turn yet? I told you we aren’t in this story.

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