New Apostolic Reformation Prophecy Accuracy Rate

What is the prophecy accuracy rate of the New Apostolic Reformation? About 22%. NAR believes the office of apostle and prophet was restored in 2002 with no biblical evidence to back up that claim. What is the Bible’s accuracy rate?

The Bible has a 100% accuracy rate for prophesy and much is still unfulfilled. Rabbi Jonathan Cahn identifies himself with the New Apostolic Reformation and even appears on the apostate program the Jim Bakker Show. His recent blood moon prophetic statements have been incorrect. If a man is a God his prophecy red should be 100% as in the Bible. The office of Prophecy is for Israel and Rabbi Cahn is a Messianic Jew. But he is an inaccurate Messianic Jew. Cahn is a con artist. Do not listen to his prophecies.

If you want to follow accurate prophecy read your Bible.

3 thoughts on “New Apostolic Reformation Prophecy Accuracy Rate”

  1. Some years ago my daughter was invited to a JW service by a high school friend of hers. She came to me the next day and said.. “Dad. They were SO nice!. They put me right in the front row. The Paster introduced me and welcomed me from the pulpit. And after his sermon everyone gathered around me and hugged me..and told me they loved me.” Meanwhile, I am thinking..”They love-bombed her.” Then came the question that I knew was coming. She said.. “Dad! Do you think I should join the JWs?”

    While she was asking me if she should join I am silently, a little desperately, praying.. “Holy Spirit. Help me! Please..give me an answer for my daughter.” Then I said to her.. “The bible has a very simple test. It says that..”If any man should prophecy and it does not come true, then it is not from God.” My daughter looked at me as if to say..So? I said. “Katy! The Jehova’s Witnesses have prophesied the end of the world TEN times!” She said..”OH! ThenI guess I shouldn’t join.”She later told her friend, “No thanks.” And I said thanks to the Holy Spirit! God is so good..all the time!


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