Mike Peters of the Indianapolis Church

This is Pastor Mike Peters of the Indianapolis Church who spends the majority of his time writing books, making tapes, and playing golf. He is the type of Pastor who if he hears a child crying during his sermon will walk out to the congregation and rebuke the child in the presence of all. If necessary he will paddle the bottom of the child in the presence of all with no one confronting him. I have seen him rebuke a woman in front of all to the point of Tears. To say that he has the autonomy of that service is most correct. He knows his Bible front and back and how to use it to his advantage in his congregation. They meet from house to house and on occasion rent a portion of the Indianapolis Zoo for their services which under the circumstances is quite appropriate. He allows no one to challenge him as his authority is supreme. I have seen him separate couples. To say that he has cultic tendencies is an understatement. I have made many attempts to contact him but he will not do interviews. What he will do is ask you to read his books or direct you to his website to purchase them. Most of the people in his congregation live extremely close to where he lives. Once the Indianapolis monthly publication went to his home to interview him. The street was full of people until he got out of his car and went to the door. He looked behind him and suddenly the street was deserted. He probably thought he was in the Twilight Zone. Peters would not answer the door. This is the type of Pastor that literally owns his congregation. And needless to say it is a very dangerous cult. If anyone knows more about him please leave us a comment.

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