Hebrew Roots Movement and Restored Church of God Basically the Same

DWP3TvMVQAAw07sWhen you get to the historical bones of it all, Herbert W Armstrong borrowed heavily from the Hebrew Roots movement. Consider that the Hebrew Roots movement does not celebrate pagan holidays, does celebrate Hebrew Jewish feasts, follows the ten commandments, holds the dietary laws, and honors the Jewish sabbath day. Sounds very much like what David C Pack believes in his Restored Church of God. The Hebrew Roots movement also holds to replacement theology. The church is now spiritual Israel. To believe that however, One must negate all the Prophecies of the Old Testament that are yet unfilled. Romans 11:25 says, That hardening in part has happened to Israel until the fullness of the Gentiles has come in, and then all Israel will be saved. The Restored Church of God and the Hebrew Roots movement cannot reconcile that verse.

One thought on “Hebrew Roots Movement and Restored Church of God Basically the Same”

  1. I just found this website because of an interest in the Hebrew Roots movement. I didn’t realize about the restored Church of God being a kin to this. Good article no bones about it

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