The Error of Catholicism, Denominations, and Kent- Part Three

After the fullness of the Gentiles has come in by the rapture of the body of Christ to heaven God again turns his attention to Israel.

What awaits Israel is the time of Jacob’s trouble otherwise known as the Great Tribulation. The prophet Zechariah has much to say on this issue.

All of Israel and unsaved gentiles will be going through the Great Tribulation including the Hebrew Roots Movement and the Restored Church of God along with any other churches that had a mixture of Grace and law. Galatians 5:4 tells us that he who attempts to be justified by law he has fallen from Grace. They also will be going through the Great Tribulation. Zachariah tells us that two-thirds of Israel will die in the Great Tribulation. What about the other third?

Those people shall establish the kingdom of God on Earth just as the body of Christ has established a Heavenly Kingdom. If you have a question or comments on this series please leave them.

3 thoughts on “The Error of Catholicism, Denominations, and Kent- Part Three”

  1. Wait..wait.. Protestants are in disagreement with each other on the tribulation! Some say we are in Pre-Tribulation times ..some of them say..No no we are on Mid- Trip.. Some say, no we are in post Trib! So where are you? And simple history proves that the doctrine of “The Rapture” did not exist until it was invented by Darby in about 1880 A.D. Before that the “rapture” was not there..not taught! Just to be sure of that I looked into my Protestant, Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance Of The Bible. And the word “rapture” is nowhere to be found in the Bible! Perhaps you can find it in the scriptures for us? Because, according to the Protestant doctrine of Sola Scripture or.. Only the Scriptures.. if a doctrine is not in the scriptures is a false doctrine.. a “Tradition of man.”


    1. I prefer the word translation to rapture. Enoch was translated so that he did not see death in Hebrews. Immaculate Conception is not in the Bible either. Queen of Heaven is in Jeremiah but I don’t think the Catholics would want to claim that for God was against that. The Rapture was always in the mindset of God just like the body of Christ was not known since the foundation of the Earth according to Romans 16. I am pre-tribulation translation. What is the Tribulation? Jacob’s trouble or the wrath of God. 1st Thessalonians 5 says God did not appoint us to Wrath. You continue to believe in the strong delusion that God has given as a Roman Catholic that you should believe the lie.


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