The Arian Christadelphians- 2

Jehovah alone is God the Almighty. Jesus as Savior is inferior to Jehovah. HOLY SPIRIT IS A FORCE, NOT A PERSON SAYS JW’S. The Holy Spirit is not God.
Proof positive that the Jehovah’s Witnesses think just like the Christadelphians and isn’t that a scary thought?

If the Christadelphian ever find out that their fearless leader is really Santa Claus they may have to start to believe in Christmas again.


The Way? No Way! – 1

I have a friend by the name of Tom who is very prone to cults. As a child he was in the Roman Catholic Church and he went from that to the way International. He said the way was the best time of his life. Tom’s discernment has always been missing in action. Yet today he defends the way International just as he does Joseph Prince who is one of the biggest Crooks in religion. Just what is the appeal of the way International? It sure Drew in a lot of hippies in it’s day. But what does it stand for? Tom would never have been a good Berean as they checked out the Scriptures Daily to see if these things are so. Tom usually takes everything at face value. But how can you take the way International at face value? Examine their Doctrine closely. They deny the Triune godhead. 1st John 5:7 says, there are three that bear witness in heaven. The father, the word, and the Holy Ghost, and these three are one. That is scripture! It would seem that Tom Stands more on the wisdom of men than on the word of God. Do I seek to please men or God? For if I still pleased man I would not be a servant of Christ and that is found in Galatians 1:10. Sadly Tom is not alone for thousands are deceived by Cults daily. I will have more on part 2 of this series.