Trump and Democrats Shut Down Country

Why aren’t the major networks reporting this? Instead they’re misleading the American public into thinking the Republicans want government closed down when in fact it is the Democrats. They appear to be on Donald Trump’s side but the media has poll after poll showing how wrong they are. It was probably the same polls that had Trump lose in the presidency a few years back. It is the media that is misleading America and the question remains as to why? Here are the facts.

The Democrats are shutting the country down and their partners in crime, the media, are making people think it is the Republicans. How can anyone trust this media?

Do Christadelphians Blasphemy the Holy Spirit?- 3

Son. H. Spirit. Father. Christadelphians. Unitarians. Created Being. Mere Force. GOD. Jehovah Witnesses.
Christadelphians have to decide whom they will model after? Athenians? Arians? Christadelphians in their group meetings seem to like either hearing something new or telling something new. Since there is no leader, so to speak, there’s a wide variance of information. Does that mean they lean toward Athenians? Or would they rather be on the company of Unitarians and Jehovah’s Witnesses? If in this group they can all go together to a Star Wars movie to hear those Immortal words, the Force is with you and smugly smile with their holy spirit dancing in their head. What a choice?
Mt 12: How did they blaspheme the Holy Spirit? Attributing the works of the Spirit to another source. A rejection of the evidence of God. How can we avoid blaspheming the Spirit? Don’t reject the testimony of the Spirit. Don’t attribute God’s miracles to other sources.
the Christadelphians are in a rough spot here between a rock and a hard place or the Unitarians and the Jehovah’s Witnesses. In my next post more on the Holy Spirit.

Hmm? Maybe I should reconsider and return to my job at the North Pole?